Saturday, April 12, 2014

Curiosity and the Red Deer - April 2014

Bradgate Park looked great in the spring sunshine, but initially there wasn't much wildlife about. So I decided to take some pics of the buildings and ruins.
1/1000 @ f6.3, iso 400, 100mm
I have been reliably informed that the picture above cannot be taken. But if you find the right place all three, as you can see are there. In the foreground is the ruin of Lady Jane Grey's family home. On the hill behind, with its arch clearly visible is Old John. It used to be thought of as a mill, but now the general opinion is that it was a folly.  On the ridge to the left is the war memorial.
1/1000 @ f6.3, iso 400, 400mm
As I rode my mobility scooter up the side of the ruined house, this group of Red Deer became curious and wandered over to have a look at me.
1/1000 @ f6.3, iso 400, 320mm
Some of them weren't shy about coming forward to have a look.
1/1000 @ f6.3, iso 400, 400mm
While others decided to stay with the protection of the bushes.
1/1000 @ f6.3, iso 400, 210mm
Then headed for the hills.
1/800 @ f6.3, iso 400, 210mm

All taken on Canon EOS 7D, EF 100 - 400mm L series Lens

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Up in the Air

Birds have bullies to, look at the body language in this picture, the belligerent Nuthatch really seems to have the blue tit worried. It was on the stump in Swithland Woods.

1/400 @ f6.3, iso 800, 400mm
This Coal Tit seems to have found an invisible perch.

1/400 @ f6.3, iso 800, 400mm
This Coal Tit just cannot find the invisible perch.

1/500 @ f6.3, iso 1600, 400mm
These three are more interested in the food

1/500 @ f6.3, iso 1600, 400mm
1/640 @ f6.3, iso 1600, 400mm
1/640 @ f6.3, iso 1600, 400mm

All taken on Canon EOS 7d, EF 100 - 400mm L series lens

Monday, March 10, 2014

A brief hop at Watermead - 9 March 2014

My first trip out after having my hip replaced was just a short trip to Watermead Park, it was made more difficult by the park authorities having closed one of the car parks over the winter. Anyone with any knowledge of the park knew that the first warm day and the one remaining car park would be overflowing. and so it was. Fortunately we arrived as someone else was leaving and got a reasonable space.

The first thing we saw, but were unable to get a decent picture of were two mink crossing a path between crowds of people and dogs. They seemed unconcerned and I suspect were in mating mode. Now I know they are there I'll keep a look out and see if I can get some pictures worth publishing.

 At an area we call the beaches we stopped to see what was about on the lakes and a Cormorant flew towards us, he was quite low and in no hurry which enabled me to get these pictures.

1/6400 @ f5.6, iso 800, 235mm
Then this black headed gull in spring plumage turned into the wind and was slowed down enough to get focus on him.

1/6400 @ f5.6, iso 800, 180mm
People were feeding the birds and this Mute Swan wanted to make sure he got a share, he seemed to be flapping to urge himself forward.
1/6400 @ f5.6, iso 800, 190mm
I don't know if this mallard got the same idea, but the Gull coming in to land nearly hit her on the head.
1/4000 @ f5.6, iso 800, 170mm

All taken on a Canon EOS 7D, EF 100 - 400mm L series Lens

Monday, February 10, 2014

Red Deer before the winds hit - 8 Feb 2014

The birds not being very cooperative this weather, we decided to see what the dee were about in Bradgate Park. The answer was not too much. But we did find some Red deer stags and a couple of young Fallow deer

1/200 @ 5.6, iso 800, 400mmm
1/200 @ 5.6, iso 800, 400mmm
1/160 @ 5.6, iso 800, 400mmm 
1/1600 @ 5.6, iso 800, 400mmm
1/125 @ 5.6, iso 800, 400mmm
All taken on 
Canon EOS 7d, EF 100 - 400mm L series lens

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A dearth of wildlife - 1 Feb 2014

Since before Christmas there seems to have been a sad lack of wildlife around Leicestershire, mind you with the weather as it is who can blame them for stopping at home.

I managed to get these Shovelers at Watermead park, otherwise it has just been Mallard, Coots and Mute Swans. I did see an Egret away in the distance but couldn't get close enough for a picture.

1/1600 @ f6.3, iso 800, 400mm

1/320 @ f5.6, iso 800, 400mm

1/320 @ f5.6, iso 800, 400mm

1/320 @ f5.6, iso 800, 400mm
All taken on
Canon EOS 7d, EF 100 - 400mm L series Lens.

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Happy Midwinter To You All

Whatever you celebrate at this time, whether it be Christmas, Saturnalia, Midwinter etc, have a good one. I have chosen some of my winter pictures from over the years to bring a festive feeling to all.

I hope you enjoy them.

Two pictures from the Highwoods in Colchester, first is Skipper crossing a frozen stream 

Local people enjoying a convenient slope.

Bradgate House at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire, the ancestral home of the ill fated Lady Jane Grey and in the background the folly 'Old John'

Burdock always looks spectacular after a hoare frost.

Which other bird could represent this time of year better than a Robin with puffed up feathers and beautiful song.

no wonder they feature on so many cards.

Admitted the gull doesn't spring to mind in midwinter but this one was on a frozen lake which, when the weather warmed and the rain fell, formed a near perfect mirror - much to its confusion.

A squirrel thought he might find left overs on the picnic table so we threw him some and as you can see he was grateful.

A couple more festive Robins, who can resist them at this time of year, they are also really photogenic.

Here's another bird you wouldn't think of at this time of year, a wren in the snow.

Finally a gathering of winter fuel, this lot probably lasted till new year.

To All
A merry whatsit and a happy Thingy
o< :o)>

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Reading

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